Regulatory Compliance & Reporting Services

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Site Assessments

Whether you are a homeowner with a home heating-oil release, retail fueling-station or commercial UST owner with a fuel/product release, we have certified UST Site Assessors with comprehensive understanding of the requirements and procedures to successfully perform UST and fueling-system decommissioning.
Bluestone can aid clients with developing cost-effective methods of UST compliance, provide permitting support, manage tank closures, conduct leak investigations, design and install remediation systems.

Site Characterizations / Remedial Investigations

Whether you are faced with groundwater contamination, soil contamination, or a vapor intrusion concern, Remedial Investigations (RI), Feasibility Studies (FS), and Cleanup Action Plans (CAP) are all a part of the requirements to complete a MTCA equivalent remedial action when conducting a cleanup with PLIA or Ecology. The Bluestone team has vast experience in performing/preparing these required actions/reports as well as a working understanding of the MTCA regulations to effectively obtain regulatory site closures / No Further Action (NFA) opinions for our clients. This requires evaluating site-specific risks, while remembering project/client constraints, to develop workable solutions. Typical site characterization services include:

  • Soil, groundwater, and soil-gas assessments,
  • UST/AST Site Assessments and Decommissioning,
  • Vapor intrusion studies and mitigation support,
  • Terrestrial Ecological Evaluations.

Feasibility Studies / Cleanup Action Design and Planning

In completing the RI/FS/CAP (or the equivalent), Bluestone’s focus is on identifying a remediation/cleanup solution that meet the needs of the client while working towards regulatory compliance. We offer turnkey solutions that span from site assessments and characterization, design, construction, and implementation of remediation systems (cleanups), and post-remediation (cleanup) monitoring. Examples of the solutions we have provided for our clients include:

  • Air sparging and vapor-extraction systems
  • Groundwater extraction and treatment
  • Bioremediation and in situ oxidation solutions
  • Excavation and off-site disposal/recycling
  • Surface capping and monitored natural attenuation

Regulatory Site Closure, i.e., No Further Action opinions with unrestricted and restricted site use

The work isn’t done when the remediation ends. There is typically a complex regulatory process to close out a site and get it delisted. In addition, our clients may have the opportunity to recover costs from other entities that may share a portion of the responsibility for the contamination.
We provide the necessary technical support to help our clients understand the regulatory process for obtaining a No Further Action determination or facilitating property transactions when contamination is present. We can also provide expert opinions or expert witness testimony during litigation.
We provide clients and legal counsel with technical support for a variety of environmental litigation issues and have extensive experience working with sites where multiple potentially responsible parties are involved.