Why Choose Bluestone Environmental NW

It is about protecting our health, the environment, our community, and this big blue marble we live on. It is about meeting the regulatory requirements. It also is about preserving the clients’ resources by providing only the services our clients need.

We recognize that dealing with discovered contamination on your property is not generally in anyone’s budgeting or business plan. Accordingly, we work carefully with our clients to understand their goals and needs while balancing regulatory requirements. We want our clients to be able to make informed decisions, understand the options that are available, and the risks that maybe involved.

Bluestone Environmental NW was created out of a desire to provide clients with exceptional service by creating a more human approach in a highly technical and specialized industry. More so, our experience has taught us that by bringing a human touch to the complicated issues, by simply listening and understanding our client’s goals and needs, and by creating personal connections with our clients, we are able to generate effective solutions. Whether the goal is to simply manage risks or to request a no further action, our objective is to assist the client with their soil contamination, groundwater contamination, soil-gas vapor intrusion concerns, and/or environmental permitting needs.

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